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Module DC Direct Current Circuit & System

Product Name: Module DC Direct Current Circuit & System
Product Code: ECE-LAB-0050

Module DC Direct Current Circuit & System Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Module DC Direct Current Circuit & System.
MCM1/EV is one of the experiment boards that constitute the
Interactive Practical Electronics System – I.P.E.S.
It consists of a set of components and circuits for performing
The lessons included in this module can be developed in:
- Standard mode: using the switches of the equipment and
consulting the handbook;
-Computerized mode: the interactive software version of
the handbook -  interfaced to the module via
Control Unit , is used. This software inserts circuit
variations and faults automatically enabling the development
of lessons even without teacher’s assistance.
• Electricity, units and symbols;
• The e.m.f. and the difference of potential;
• The effects of the electrical current on the human body,
• Measurements;
• DC current, switches and relays;
• Power supplies and measuring instruments: voltmeter,
ammeter, ohmmeter, the multimeter;
• Ohm’s Law;
• Series and parallel resistive circuits: current, voltage and
resistance measurements;
• Kirchhoff’s Laws: voltage, current and resistance circuit
• Thevenin’s Theorem: equivalent e.m.f. and series
resistance calculation;
• Norton’s Theorem: equivalent current and parallel
resistance calculation;
• Superposition Theorem;
• Rheostats and potentiometers;
• Power in DC; Power transfer
• Printed circuit board with protective treatment and mimic
• 2 mm sockets for test points and connections
• Jumpers for quick circuit modifi cation
• 37-pin connector for Interface Control Unit
• 8-pole female DIN connector for Power Supply Unit
• Fault simulation

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