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Motor control trainer

Product Name: Motor control trainer
Product Code: NLE-Export-202453

Motor control trainer Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Motor control trainer.
Motor control trainer  EXPERIMENTS CAN BE PERFORMED • Study of loading effect on the speed of motor in open loop. • Study of loading effect on the speed of motor in close loop. • Study state error variation with forward gain. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS • Study of speed control of DC motor in open and close loops. • Speed control of 12V, 4W, permanent magnet DC motor. • Speed range upto 3000 RPM (typical). • Electronic techo-generator for feedback. • Non-contact eddy current break for load. • 4 digit RPM counter. • 3½ digit DVM. • Built in regulated power supply. • 220V ±10%, 50Hz mains operated. • User's Manual with patch cords, CAD/CAM LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS, educational cnc milling machines manufacturers, educational cnc LATHE machines manufacturers, Strength of Material Testing equipment supplier, mechanical engineering laboratory equipments suppliers, soil, bitumen, concrete testing, civil engineering laboratory equipments suppliers

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