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Product Code: NEE1049

MOTOR-GENERATOR SYSTEM Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

MOTOR-GENERATOR SYSTEM Motor and Generator/Alternator mounted into a special frame to accommodate coupling and electrical connections MOTOR-GENERATOR SYSTEM, ELECTRIC ELECTONICS LAB.

All wiring connections from machine windings are brought out to 4mm terminals. Connection leads with banana plugs facilitate quick and easy connections between the Motor-Generator System and other controls. A fault insertion for machine winding is available as an optional item for student troubleshooting exercises.

An operation Manual with student experiment activities is provided in English.

Educational Objectives:

• Induction motor as prime mover principles

• Saturation Curve of Generator/Alternator

• Balance Load Effect of Generator/Alternator

• Unbalance Load Effect of Generator/Alternator

• Open circuit, Short Circuit characteristics

• Voltage regulation in Generator/Alternator

• Losses and Efficiency in Generator/Alternator

• Troubleshooting Generator/Alternator system



Control Panel :

• Power supply: 220/380 VAC, 3A.

• Power Indicator : indicate the incoming power at L1/R, L2/Y, L3/B.

• Power Control : Start Button, Stop Button, Emergency Button.

• Lamp Indicator : indicate run, overload and emergency condition on Instrument panel.

• Circuit Breaker : ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker), MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker).

• AC Voltmeter : Used to measure AC voltage.

• AC Ammeter : used to measure AC Current

• Motor Switch : used to connect-disconnect the motor with the power supply.

• Generator Switch : used to connect-disconnect the generator output to load.

• Generator Excitation : DC Voltmeter, DC Ammeter, DC MCB for short circuit protection, Excitation Switch, Excitation Control (%), Variable DC power supply (3 to 180VDC).




·         DC Shunt Wound Generator,


·         1 Ph. Alternator with Cylindrical Rotor, Stator Wound Rotor exited, 300VA



·         DC Shunt Motor, 1 HP

·         AC Three Phase Induction Motor, 1 HP



• 1 Set of test leads.

• Base plate machine bed with anti vibration rubber feet (bench top type) and protective cover.

• Student experiment manual.



·         1-ph resistive load

Faults Insertion System for Motor/Generator winding

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