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Multi Standard Modem

Product Name: Multi Standard Modem
Product Code: ECE-LAB-0065

Multi Standard Modem Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Multi Standard Modem.
Trainer  is a modem designed to examine all
the main aspects concerning digital modulations and data
transmission on Voice line (Public and Private 2W/4W).
A complete data transmission laboratory can be assembled
with the main data transmission system and different optional
• 2 multistandard Modems  form the data
transmission system. Every modem has a serial port that can
be configured as Async/Sync for terminal connection.
• 1 Transmission and Switching System  carries
out the functions of a telephone branch exchange used in
communication on a switched PSTN line.
• 2 Interface testers  are professional
instruments of optional measurements
• 1 Data tester  is used for measurements and
optional testing ( for example it can measure BER).
• International standards
• Coding and modulation techniques
• Structure and characteristics of network and of telephone
• Description and operation of serial interface circuits
• Modem operation and programming
• Modes for using AT commands
• Automatic call in AT (Hayes) and V25bis mode
• Operation and use of error correction MNP4/V42 and data
compression MNP5/V42bis
• Waveforms in test points
• Analysis of constellation diagrams
• Half-duplex and full-duplex, 2-wire and 4-wire links
• Synchronous and asynchronous links
• Connection on switched or dedicated line with possibility of
automatic Back-up on the switched line
• Control of modem operation, with test on interface (loop2)
and line (loop3) loops
• Remote loop control according to recommendation
• Programming of remote modem
• Applications of File Transfer with Xmodem, Kermit…
• Use of Interface Tester and of Data Tester
• Line and noise effect on the link
• Error rate measurement
• Troubleshooting on devices and communication system
• Multistandard Phone Modem according to ITU-T V24/V28,
EIA RS232C, V25bis and AT call, error correction MNP4/V42
and data compression MNP5/V42bis
• Full-duplex operation on switched and dedicated line, 2/4
• Sunchronous and asynchronous serial data
• V54 diagnostics, with local Loop3 and local and remote Loop2
• Automatic call (PULSE/DTMF) with V25bis or AT commands
• Completely programmable from PC
• Programming from remote modem
• Automatic control of Back-up links
• Artifi cial line simulator:
- 2/4/8/16-km artifi cial line
- Noise generator with level control
• Interface for oscilloscope (X-Y axis) for displaying
constellation diagram (max. 128 points)
• LEDs of state: serial port data and control lines
• Structure: compact container with liftable cover which
contains all the electronic parts, as well as signaling and
test points, and the fault simulator; the block diagram of the
circuit is available on the cover
• Fault simulator: 8 faults can be inserted via switches, unit
protected with key-locked cover
• Test points: 14 test points mounted on a panel and connected
directly with the equipment circuits
Power supply: 230 Vac 50 Hz single-phase - 40 VA
(Other voltage and frequency under request)
Dimensions: 445 x 335 x 135 mm (closed)
Weight: 10 kg

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