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PCR Machine

Product Name: PCR Machine
Product Code: NEL0528

PCR Machine Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

PCR Machine 96 x 0.2ml Block capacity: 96 200ul tubes, 200ul thin-wall tubes and /or strip tubes, or one 96-well polypropylene plate or polycarbonate plate Temperature ranges: Blocks 1,2,3 (25-99 C), Block 4 (6-25 C) Well-to-well block uniformity +/-0.1C Temperature control accuracy +/- 0.5C Block heating speed: Approximately 5C per minute. Number of programs 99 programs, 4 windows/program Program linking Up to 10 programs (40 windows) can be linked and run sequentially Maximum cycles 99 cycles/window  Maximum segment time 99 minutes, 59 seconds Dimensions 31 cm W 49 cm D 21 cm H.

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