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Photovoltaic panel automated

Product Name: Photovoltaic panel automated
Product Code: ECE-LAB-0114

Photovoltaic panel automated Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Photovoltaic panel automated.
The suggested system includes two photovoltaic panels, an
inverter connected to a load controller and a solar storage
battery. It enables to evaluate the devices for transformation,
transport and storage of power. The telemeasurement and
telecontrol system present on the control and supervision panel,
connected to a PC facilitates monitoring the main electrical
operation parameters: voltage, current, power factor, frequency
and consumption. It enables to control two programmable
outputs and a unit for the PC conversion: RS485/RS232.
Study of solar energy: calculation of the average power
developed by the sun in a particular place.
Mono and polycrystalline solar cells.
Energy balance, efficiency.
Energy storage devices and control of the battery charge.
Energy conversion and distribution.
Typical applications: illumination, power supply of remote
equipment for telecommunication, battery charger.
Telemeasurement and telecontrol system: characteristics,
programming, measurements of the electrical parameters,
connection to RS485, network instruments setting, control software.
1 DC voltammeter, 1 DC ammeter
Controller characteristics
Indication of in charge or in use battery state
Display of the charge or absorbed current value
Nominal voltage: 12/24 Vdc
Maximum power: 250 W
Solar batteries characteristics
Nominal voltage: 12 Vdc
Capacity: 140 Ah
Nominal current: 1 A
Charge voltage: 14.1 V at 25 °C
INVERTER characteristics
Input voltage: 10-15 Vdc
Full charge input current: 60 A
Standby current: 0.72 A
Output voltage: 220/230 Vac
Output wave-form: change sine
Output frequency: 50 Hz
Continuous output power: 600 W
Output peak: 800 W
Efficiency: 90%
Stop for low battery charge: 10 V ±0.5 Vdc
Alarm for low battery charge: 10 V ±0.5 Vdc
Protection against overload
Photovoltaic panel
Photovoltaic device for system solar supply, and buffer battery
2 photovoltaic modules
Unitary peak power with maximum radiation: 110 W
Typical output current: 7 A
Typical output voltage: 16 Vdc
Short-circuit current: 7.7 A
Open circuit voltage: 21 Vdc
Characteristics of the telemeasurement and telecontrol
system. Measurement and display of the following electrical
Voltage, current, frequency, power factor meter, active, reactive
and apparent power.
Instant and mediated powers (1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 min).
Energy (provided or absorbed).
Measurements in single-phase systems.
2 I/O RS485 for network.
2 outputs programmable as alarms (min/max threshold,) and/or
for industrial controls.
Conversion units for PC: RS485/RS232.
Panel with 5 electrical users of 230 V-60 W with insertion switches
Solar tracker
Solar tracking device, provided with steel structure and gearing
for the panel motion on two degrees of freedom in space.
Tracking system of the motor reducers powered via photovoltaic
module or via connection to the mains.
Manual-automatic positioning.
Solar energy meter
Solarimeter probe for measurement of the total solar radiation
Optional items
Personal Computer
230 V – 50 Hz – single-phase
110 V – 60 Hz – single-phase (upon request)

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