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Pick & Place station

Product Name: Pick & Place station
Product Code: MAE-LAB-0012

Pick & Place station Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Pick & Place station.
(llustration includes additional equipment and accessories which are not part  the main product)
The Pick&Place station is equipped with a two-axis Pick&Place module. Workpiece housings placed on the conveyor are detected by an optical diffuse sensor. The workpiece is transported to the pneumatic separator on the conveyor and detected by a second diffuse sensor. The Pick&Place module picks up a workpiece insert from the slide and places it on the workpiece housing. The complete workpiece (housing and insert) is released by the separator and transported to the end of the conveyor. A light barrier detects the workpiece at the end of the conveyor.
•    Operating pressure 600 kPa (6 bar)
•    Power supply 24 V DC
•    8 digital inputs
•    6 digital outputs
•    Pick&Place module, universal two-axis handling device for Pick&Place tasks, double-acting cylinder for Y axis as pneumatic linear slide with adjustable cushioning and 80 mm stroke, Z axis as pneumatic linear slide with adjustable cushioning and 50 mm stroke, arrangement of magneto-inductive sensors for position sensing and installation position can be adjusted, vacuum generation by means of Venturi nozzle, module supplied complete with vacuum generator, vacuum sensor with integrated electronic evaluation unit and teach-in switching point, vacuum filter and suction gripper
•    Conveyor module 350 with DC motor, mounted on profile plate for transporting workpieces with a diameter of 40 mm
•    Starting current limiter, with relay and electronic start-up current limiting circuit, mounted on H-rail, electrical connection by means of screw terminals
•    Valve terminal module for actuation of the pneumatic actuators with 10 mm inserts, comprising 3/2-way valve with pilot control and 2x 5/2-way valve with pilot control
•    Separating module, electrical rotary drive mounted on the guide rail profile
•    2x optical sensor, diffuse sensor, mounted on the guide rail profile
•    Optical sensor, light barrier, mounted on the guide rail profile using two brackets
•    One-piece aluminium profile plate (350 x 700 mm) with 50 mm slot width, slots on both sides
•    Service unit with filter and pressure regulator
•    Infrared receiver for a release message sent by a following station equipped with an infrared transmitter
•    Infrared transmitter for sending a release message to a previous station equipped with an infrared receiver
•    Terminal block with eight outputs, eight inputs and connection for 24 V DC. Amalgamates all digital signals and forwards these for connection to a controller via an IEEE 488/24-pin compatible plug connection. The signal states are shown via LED displays for ease of troubleshooting
•    Manual and CD-ROM
All equipment is mounted on an Aluminium Plate
•    Height: 32 mm
•    Grid spacing (from slot to slot): 50 mm
•    Width: 350 mm
•    Length: 700 mm

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