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Jointer Planer-Machine

Product Name: Jointer Planer-Machine
Product Code: NULK2- -0020

Jointer Planer-Machine Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Jointer Planer Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India.

Working width     410 mm  
Total table length     2000 mm  
Tilting surface fence    90° - 45°
Cutter block diam.     87 mm  
Nomber of knives     3
Cutter block speed     5200 rpm
Type: 350mm
Table dimensions     775x423 mm  
Thickness speed    6/12 m/min  
Min/max. thickness working height 3/230 mm   
Min. thickness working length  160 mm   
Max stock removal to cutter block  5 mm   
Other technical specifications 
Motor power: Three-phase motor     3,6kw 50Hz  
Net weight basic machine   430
Max. dimension     2000x1630 mm

Cutting Width (in.): 12
Cuts Per Minute (CPM): 5,500
Cutting Depth (in.): 1/8
Amps: 12 1/2
Tool Length (in.): 55 

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