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Plate and Frame Filter Press

Product Name: Plate and Frame Filter Press
Product Code: NLE-Export-031044

Plate and Frame Filter Press Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Plate and Frame Filter Press.

Plate and Frame Filter Press Pressure filters can apply a large pressure differential across the septum to give economically rapid filtration with viscous liquids or fine solids. The most common types of pressure filters are filter press. A filter press contains a set of plates designed to provide a series of chambers or compartments in which solids may collect. The plates are covered with a filter medium such as canvas cloth. Slurry is admitted to each compartment under pressure; liquor passes through the canvas cloth and out a discharge pipe, leaving a wet cake of solids behind. Plates and frames sit horizontally in a metal rack, with cloth covering the face of each plate, and are squeezed tightly together by a screw. Slurry enters at one end of the assembly of plates and frame. It passes through a channel running lengthwise through one corner of assembly. The set up consists of 7 plates and 6 frames. Frames are covered with filter cloth. Feed is fed by gear pump at the top and filtrate collected at the bottom from each plate by operating the cock. After removing Cake, washing and cleaning can be done by water provided by overhead tank. Inlet & outlet pressures are measured by pressure gauges. Rate of filtrate removals is measured by calibrated tank provided. Experimentation: To study the operation of filter press in the laboratory. To evaluate specific cake resistance and medium resistance. Utilities Required : Electric Supply : Single phase, 220 V AC, 1.5 kW. Water supply. Drain. Slurry required to performing experiment. Technical Details : No. of frame :6 No. of Plates :7 Size : 200 mm x 200 mm. Material : Acrylic Screw Jack arrangement for tightening and removing of frames easily. Filter Medium : Filter Cloth Filtrate collection tray : Material Stainless Steel, Suitable size. Flurry Feed tank : Material Stainless Steel, Capacity 40 Ltrs. Slurry Tank Agitator : Stainless Steel Impeller with SS Shaft coupled to FHP Motor and Reduction Gear Box Slurry Feed Pump : Gear Pump with FHP motor. Piping system : GI and PVC. Filtration rate measurement : Using measuring tank. Material Stainless Steel Pressure Measurement : Bourdon type pressure gauge. Overhead water tank : Material Stainless Steel , Capacity 25 Ltrs. Control panel Comprises of Standard make On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc. Instruction Manual : An ENGLISH instruction manual will be provided along with the Apparatus A good quality painted rigid MS Structure is provided to support all the parts

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