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Pneumatics Training System

Product Name: Pneumatics Training System
Product Code: Industrial-0008

Pneumatics Training System Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Pneumatics Training System Industrial Maintenance.

The Lab-Volt Pneumatics Training System is an innovative, modular system that uses state-of-the-art hardware and courseware to deliver comprehensive training in the principles of pneumatic energy and its control applications.

The Pneumatics Training System uses the same workbench and many electrical components of the Hydraulics II Training System, Model 6080, providing a convenient interconnection between both systems.

The Pneumatics course is divided into three levels. At the first level, Pneumatics I (Model 6081-1), students are introduced to the basic principles of pneumatics and gain hands-on experience in using them to perform a variety of functions. At the second level, Pneumatics II  students are introduced to electrical control of pneumatic systems using ladder diagrams. The third level, Advanced Fluid Controls Applications, expands upon the first two levels into pneumatic and hydraulic applications, demonstrating the use of servo controls, proportional controls, and programmable controls.

Also available as an eSeries course

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