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Prius Hybrid Systems Training Platform

Product Name: Prius Hybrid Systems Training Platform
Product Code: AETS-0006

Prius Hybrid Systems Training Platform Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Prius Hybrid Systems Training Platform Automotive Training Equipment Manufacturer, Automotive Education Equipment, Automotive Training Tools.
n  Introduction
l  The training platform is selected and based on Toyota prius hybrid
powertrain. With complete equipped attachment, it can complete the
training content of hybrid engine for different working conditions. All
parts are original parts, before delivery through layers of inspection,
production quality management according to ISO9001: 2008 standards
implementation. The device applies to theoretical teaching and
maintenance training of the electric chair in secondary and senior
vocational skill schools, normal education and training institutions.
n  Technical parameter
l  Engine assembly:
l  Engine
l  Engine position: front position
l  Engine type: 1.5L natural aspirated
l  Number of cylinders: inline four cylinder engine
l  Displacement: 1497(ml)
l  Emission standard: National IV
l  Combustion type: oil and electrical mixture
l  Motor total power: 50KW
l  Total torque: 400N
l  Compression ratio: 13:1
l  Engine maximum torque: 115Nm
l  Engine maximum power: 57KW
l  Input voltage: AC220V
l  Working power: DC12V
l  Accumulator capacity: DC12V/60HA
l  Capacity of tank: 15L
l  Working temperature: -40℃~+50℃.
l  Dimension: 2000*1000*1700mm(L*H*W).
l  The training platform bottom base install movably high strength
castor in the flattop direction, convient to teaching movably, with
brake mechanism.
n  Device composition and function description
l  equipment components:
l  Toyota Prius original singer of engine assembly, engine control unit,
instrumentation, engine sensor / actuator 1 set, test panels,
diagnosis seat, a cooling water tank, water, filling the kettle, cooling
fan assembly and bracket, fuel pressure gauge, vacuum pressure gauge,
the original ignition switch assembly, battery, starter, generator,
gasoline pump assembly, into the exhaust manifold, the fuel tank, no
transmission assembly, inverter, control module, battery module, mobile
bench and flattened universal casters, relay and fuse boxes, no line
intelligent assessment system, supporting the use of brochures and other
l  function description:
l  starting the engine, the speed and the working mode of the hybrid
engine can be seen through the original instrument.
l  the high clear digital display meter, fuel pressure gauge, and so on
can intuitively see the main sensor, voltage regulator and other
parameters change with the different load, real-time display of the
engine dynamic and static signal parameters; through the fuel pressure
table shows the fuel, vacuum pressure table display intake vacuum actual
data, you can also see the intake vacuum changes with the load.
l  the circuit schematic diagram of the test panel is drawn, the
ignition position is installed with the corresponding LED indicator,
which can indicate the working status of the corresponding actuator in
real time.
l  engine of each sensor and actuator wire harness connection plug side
are equipped with independent original measurement interface, convenient
and practical, effectively avoid the connector when measured frequently
inserting the original vehicle wiring harness caused by man-made damage.

l  equipped with diagnosis seat, using special computer diagnosis
instrument for automobile ECU coding query, read trouble code, clear
fault code and read data stream, waveform analysis, the implementation
of components, test, system login, anti-theft matching.

l  the training platform can demonstrate the running state of the hybrid
power system in different operation mode at the same time (the operation
of the engine alone, the operation of the single motor and the work at
the same time).

l  the training platform is equipped with a fire extinguisher and short
circuit power off protection device to prevent the damage caused by the
operation mistakes to the students and the products.
n  Equipment characteristics
l  Toyota Prius hybrid system: system is in normal operation (use
special purpose vehicle diagnosis instrument for detection of fault code
and data flow in line with the original standard data), using computer
diagnostic apparatus for ECU coding query, read out the fault code and
data flow, waveform analysis, the implementation of component testing,
system landing operations.

l  detection panel: laser printing by German standards, circuit diagram
will never fade. The detecting terminal can measure the working state of
each sensor, actuator and the power supply voltage of the engine in
time, and does not affect the running state of the original vehicle, the
fault code and the normal data stream. Panel to detect the installed
digital display time display engine sensor and actuator dynamic / static
parameter changes, LED light-emitting diode can change with the engine
load intuitive display or fuel ignition process of change.

l  Wireless intelligent fault setting and appraisal system: system is
equipped with wireless remote control system failure setting, include:
signal transceiver, receiver / fault in one type, chip micro controller
operation through to drive high current electric appliances, circuit
board by integrated double side printed circuit board is made of single
board with eight 25A high current relay, the system is stable and
durable. Remote control distance of at least 70 meters, open ground
launch distance of up to 300 meters. No. Fault set hidden strong, the
teacher can be unconsciously in the students to carry out the relevant
fault settings.

l  The fuel tank, fuel tank with integration of high strength die
molding, has good anti impact and anti deformation performance of
cracking; eliminating the plastic fuel tank easy to aging, deformation,
cracking and other security risks, and installation of oil level sensor,
when the lack of fuel, or add a multi equipment control panel will sound
a buzzer alarm.

l  the exhaust pipe installation: exhaust system configurations have
special integral forming resistant fireproof heat insulation cover,
exhaust pipe package special exhaust engineering insulation cloth,
ensure that generated in the high-temperature exhaust gas when
accidental touch exhaust pipe does not occur and scald accidents, and
silencer mechanism also coated with aluminum alloy heat insulation
layer, completely to ensure that students training teaching environment

l  The battery: maintenance free battery concealed type designed to be
installed in a training platform at the bottom of the base, exposing
only the positive and negative poles piles convenient charging, the
negative pile installed anti leakage protection switch, can effectively
avoid the long time due to the leakage of system failure to start.

l  high speed rotating schedule: engine flywheel, cooling fan running
parts are equipped with a safety shield, can be observed in real-time
operation state and can guarantee the training safety process.

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