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Programming Software

Product Name: Programming Software
Product Code: MAE-LAB-0030

Programming Software Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Programming Software.
Useful software for programming  robot systems with the following functionalities:
•    Programming environment for Robot with full support for all language versions 
•    Communication interface to the Rrobot controllers via serial or Ethernet interface.
•    Configuration of the interface with simple parameter configuration.
•    Editor with colour highlighting of programming code, parameters and comments as well as syntax check
•    Project wizard for selecting the robot configuration and detailed documentation of the projects.
•    Online teach-in of positions.
•    Direct control of the robot with input of programming language commands.
•    Positions are displayed in a 3D robot representation.
•    Input/output monitor
•    Variable monitor
•    Monitor for online display of motor currents, axis speeds, robot position data.
•    Online monitoring of robot programs in the control system.
•    Setting of stop points in the program workflow.
•    One-step operation
•    Backup of projects including the configured robot parameters.

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