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Product Code: ELECTROMETER0014

PROJECTILE LAUNCHER Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

PROJECTILE LAUNCHER A projectile is a moving object undergoing the influence of acceleration of gravity, When launched, a projectile will cross the air describing a parabola. Speed and launching angle of projectile will determine the reached height and horizontal distance. Turning the screw available in the rear part of this projector will vary the launching angle. Starting from different positions on launching cylinder will enable to vary the projectile speed. This equipment can be hooked onto any table. The sphere can be thrown upwards according to an angle ranging from 0 to 90°. This strong and very accurate projector enables launches up to 3 meters. Its adjustment consists in turning and tightening the proper Screw up to the desired position. Angle can be measured by plumb line of half degree. TRAINING PROGRAM • motion of projectiles • acceleration of gravity • potential and kinetic energy • complex trajectories TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Supporting blackboard with slide • Projector and goniometer • Projector of aluminium, with hooks of hard steel, oilimpregnated bearings • Mechanism for enabling the discharge with 2 sights • Use of spheres with diameter up to 25 mm with orifice COMPONENTS • spring-loaded assembled gun • 2 spheres of aluminium and 1 steel sphere • Supporting blackboard with goniometer 2 PAIRS OF PHOTOGATE SENSORS

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