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Re-printing of Textbooks

Product Name: Re-printing of Textbooks
Product Code: EVT-0001

Re-printing of Textbooks Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Re-printing of Textbooks.

We have proven expertise and knowledge in printing and supply of text books and exercise books as per Client specifications.

Printing in any language can be undertaken at our state-of-the-art press. We have world-class computerized facilities for composing, plate making, scanning, developing and printing which can produce up to 120,000 books per day.

We have production capabilities for:

  • Printing & Supply of Textbooks
  • Printing & Supply of Teacher's Manual
  • Reprint of Dictionaries
  • Printing & Supply of Lottery
  • Printing & Supply of Security Labels
  • Printing & Supply of Bus Tickets
  • Printing of Ballot Related Material & Voters List
  • Printing & Supply of Thermal Paper Rolls Used for e-Ticketing
  • Printing & Supply of Question Papers for Teachers
  • Security Printing for Banks - Cheque books, etc.

Lab Supplies & Consumables, Teaching Lab Instruments, Scientific Lab Instruments and Vocational Educational Equipments like Re-printing of Textbooks. . .