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Refrigeration lubrication oil trainer

Product Name: Refrigeration lubrication oil trainer
Product Code: MAE-LAB-0102

Refrigeration lubrication oil trainer Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Refrigeration lubrication oil trainer.
•    The trainer designed to explain the oil circulation in a refrigeration system
•    The trainer shows the flow of refrigerant and lubricant oil through transparent glass raising pipes. A double rising pipe is used during partial and full load experiments.
•    The trainer has two compressors that can be operated individually or in parallel to create a partial or full load condition of the system.
•    5 temperature measurement points are provided to analyze the refrigerant states at different locations.
•    2 pressure reading are provided in the suction and discharge lines of the compressor.
•    A refrigerant flow meter is provided to monitor the flow of the refrigerant and also shows the load conditions of the refrigeration system.
               The speed of evaporator and condenser fans are adjustable to simulate different performance            of the refrigeration system
•    The trainer is built around a special powder coated steel bench top frame that incorporates a demonstration board onto which the components are mounted
•    Components includes:  1 unit of pressure gauge in discharge line of the compressor; 1 unit of pressure gauge in suction line of the compressor; 1 unit of refrigerant flow meter; 1 unit of temperature display and selection switch; 1 unit of electrical control panel; 3 unit of transparent raising pipes with different diameters; 1 unit of transparent double raising pipe; 4 units of selection manual valves; 2 units of  hermetic compressors (refrigerating capacity approximately 1200W); 1 Condenser with adjustable fan; 1 Evaporator with adjustable fan
•    Instrument panel should include ON/OFF switch, voltmeter and amp meter
•    Power requirement : 220VAC-230VAC, 50Hz
Supplied complete with training manual with exercises

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