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Product Code: ELECTROMETER0043

RESONANCE APPARATUS Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

RESONANCE APPARATUS This resonance apparatus is used to determine the wavelength and speed of sound in the air. This apparatus includes a plastic tube with a ruler, mounted on a support and connected with a water tank that can easily be moved upwards or downwards. The equipment laos includes a clamp for installing a tuning fork on the top of resonance tube. After the resonance tube is filled partially with water, a vibration is excited in a tuning fork of known frequency available on the top of the tube. Rising or lowering the water level will enable to adjust the length of air column inside the tube until the air column resonates at the same frequency of the vibrating tuning fork. Varying the height of air column, students can calculate sound wavelength and speed on the air. The tank is of metal, and the connection hose of rubber. The equipment includes a tuning fork with frequency of 512 Hz. TRAINING PROGRAM • determining sound wavelength on the air • determining the speed of sound in the air COMPONENTS • tube of plastic material with length of 98 cm and diameter of 2.5 cm • ruler • support for tube • metallic water tank • connection hose of rubber • tuning fork of 512 Hz

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