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Robot Station

Product Name: Robot Station
Product Code: MAE-LAB-0022

Robot Station Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Robot Station.
(llustration includes additional equipment and accessories which are not part  the main product)
The Robot station can transport workpieces that are fed via a slide and place them in an assembly retainer. The sensor in the gripper enables the robot to differentiate workpieces by colour (black/non-black). The sensor in the assembly retainer monitors the orientation of the workpiece. From the assembly retainer the robot sorts the workpieces into various magazines or passes them on to the downstream station. Combination with the assembly station facilitates the assembly of workpieces.
•    Operating pressure 600 kPa (6 bar)
•    Power supply 24 V DC
•    Digital inputs: 4
•    Digital outputs: 2
•    RV-2SDB robot, 6 axes, complete with drive unit, programming cable and Teachbox, contour control, max. repetition accuracy ±0.02 mm, max. speed 4400 mm/s, max. payload 2 kg, max. reach 504 mm, AC servo motors with absolute encoder, 2500 positions per program, 88 programs, 5000 program steps, 16 inputs/16 outputs, Teachbox with enable switch
•    2x magazine module for storing cylindrical workpieces
•    Assembly retainer module with optical sensor for position sensing and two different setdown positions. The upper setdown position allows workpieces to be set down independent of their orientation, while the lower setdown position has a locking pin
•    Holder module with optical sensor via fibre optic cable for sensing workpieces
•    Pneumatic parallel gripper with gripper jaws incl. sensor with fibre optic cable for differentiating black and non-black workpieces
•    Slide module complete with holder for mounting on a profile plate
•    5/3-way valve; mid-position closed with spring return
•    One-piece aluminium profile plate (350 x 700 mm) with 50 mm slot width, slots on both sides
•    Service unit with filter and pressure regulator
•    Infrared receiver for a release message sent by a following station equipped with an infrared transmitter
•    Infrared transmitter for sending a release message to a previous station equipped with an infrared receiver.
•    Terminal block with eight outputs, eight inputs and connection for 24 V DC. Amalgamates all digital signals and forwards these for connection to a controller via an IEEE 488/24-pin compatible plug connection. The signal states are shown via LED displays for ease of troubleshooting.
•    Manual and CD-ROM
•    Must be combined with the assembly station
All equipment is mounted on an Aluminium Plate
•    Height: 32 mm
•    Grid spacing (from slot to slot): 50 mm
•    Width: 350 mm
•    Length: 700 mm
Complete with appropriate trolley with below specifications:
•    Appropriate through-holes in the side and rear panels enable orderly routing of cables. The front side is equipped with mountings for the control panel.
The trolley is supplied complete with castors.
•    Stable, powder-coated, sheet-steel
•    Height (incl. castors, to bottom edge of profile plate): 750 mm
•    Width: 350 mm
•    Depth: 700 mm

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