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Robotic software

Product Name: Robotic software
Product Code: MAE-LAB-0028

Robotic software Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Robotic software.
Robotics software which is ideally suited for learning how to program and commission industrial robot systems. The program should offer a large number of different robot models. The integrated training program on robotics conveys everything from the basic principles of handling technology to the use of robots in space missions. 3D real-time simulations are intergral part of the software.
Graphical representation:
•    Graphic representation can be switched between wireframe and soft shaded surface visualisation with fading out of all concealed edges and surfaces.
•    Rendering of the 3D scene via the graphics card, if this is supported by the graphics card.
•    Intuitive navigation in 3D: the view point in the 3D scene can be changed in all the spatial coordinates.
•    Models can be shown simultaneously in different view windows.
•    The user can select from numerous Windows work window configurations for working with the prepared robot model cells. It is also possible for the user to create and save at least one work window configuration.
•    Time-discrete simulation: selectable simulation cycle.
•    Automatic real-time regulation
•    The graphic representation can be changed at any point during the simulation.
•    Robot movements can be taught in using a universal teachbox in the joint, global and tool coordinate system.
•    Teach-in positions in relation to other components
•    Representation of the working space
•    TCP-tracking during the robot movement
•    Integrated robot controller with compiled IRDATA machine code.
•    Collision detection through colour change or warning messages. The user can configure which objects are to be checked for collision.
•    Multi-control simulation of robot and PLC controllers.
•    Integrated robot controller with individual step and automatic mode.
•    Online visualisation of the operating cycles and the current position data of all robot controls in the work cell, both in the respective basic and joint coordinate system.
•    Cable and tube simulation (e.g. simulation of energy chains) that can also be checked during collision
•    The viewpoint can be changed automatically during simulation according to a predefined configuration.
•    The sequence of a simulation can be recorded on video..
Robot programming:
•    Programming the robots is done in the universal programming language
•    Editor with colour marking of programming code, parameter and comment as well as syntax check
•    Programs in the Robot programming language can be loaded into the robot controller with the programming environment.
•    Programs can be printed out and edited with a text editor.
•    Programming assistant with automatic generation of robot path movements.
•    Lighting of the model cells can be configured via parameter settings.
•    It is possible to create and edit work cells with all robot types without peripheral equipment.
The predefined robot model cells contain the following robot types:
Five and six-axis articulated arm robot

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