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Rotary evaporator (full set)

Product Name: Rotary evaporator (full set)
Product Code: NEL0488

Rotary evaporator (full set) Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Rotary evaporator (full set) Rotavapor R-215 With vacuum pump (v-700), recirculation chiller, vacuum controller, For standard distillations and for high-boiling solvents (>100°C). Tap-water-cooled. Inlet feed tube for continuous feed of volumes exceeding flask capacity. PTFE-coated 4L heating bath, with digital temperature display, uses oil or water, 20 to 180°C (68 to 356°F) standard 24/40 joint on the evaporator flask and a 35/20 ball joint on the receiving flask Glass or Plastic-coated Glass Cold-trap reflux condenser assembly 5 liter flask capacity  .

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