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Product Code: NPS0049

RUTHERFORD SCATTERING Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

RUTHERFORD SCATTERING The apparatus for Rutherford scattering enables students to repeat the famous experiment of scattering of alpha particles that was essential for the discovery of atom structure.
This equipment consists of a cylindrical chamber of transparent
acrylic material with diameter of 5.5 inches and length of 9.8
inches. A source of alpha particles, a collimator for producing
a thin flow of particles and a golden sheet for scattering the
beam are available at one of the ends of this chamber. The
opposite side of the chamber is provided with a removable lid
on which a sheet sensitive to alpha particles is arranged.
During the experiment, the beam of particles comes out of the
collimator and it is scattered by the golden atoms on the sheet.
Travelling inside the tube the beam strikes the film where
impacts are recorded. The particles striking the film appear as
clear spots on a red background after the development in bath
of sodium hydroxide.
Each apparatus includes five sheets of non light-sensitive
film. A source of alpha particles (Po-210) is installed inside the
chamber. Furthermore the equipment also includes a grating
where the detecting film can be spread to define the scattering

• Source Po-210 for the collimator
• Detector: film sensitive to alpha particles, with diameter of
10 cm
• Exposure time: approximately 7 days
• Processing: film is developed in a solution of sodium
hydroxyde 2.5 N
• Angle of beam: 2.5°
• Deflection angle : ±2°, symmetrically around the axis
• Golden scattering sheet: 4.5 x 10-5 cm of thickness
• Dimensions : 15 (h) x 14 x 25 cm
• Weight: 7 kg

ACCESSORIES (to be included)
• vacuum pump
• beaker

 vacuum pump

Motor-driven vacuum pump.
• Motor: 1/6 HPHA
• Flow rate of air: 38 LPM
• Vacuum: 650 mm
• Weight: 4.8 kg
• It includes vacuum gauge and lung

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