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Sagitar electric examine workbench B

Product Name: Sagitar electric examine workbench B
Product Code: AETS-0011

Sagitar electric examine workbench B Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Sagitar electric examine workbench B Automotive Training Equipment Manufacturer, Automotive Education Equipment, Automotive Training Tools.
Training board using Sagitar auto based on entire comfort system
physical, supporting auxiliary systems is complete, all parts are
original parts, before delivery through layers of inspection, production
quality management according to ISO9001: 2008 standards implementation,
demonstrating car entire vehicle electrical structure and operation,
applied for the car entire vehicle electrical theory of learning, need
practical operation, fault diagnosis and teaching settings in the
higher, vocational colleges and training institutions.


n  Basic Configuration

l  comfort system control unit, door lock motor assembly, window motor,
switch assembly, instrument assembly, sound assembly, window switch,
relay and fuse box, training board, ignition switch, ignition key,
general switch, movable bracket with universal wheel, DC power supply,
upporting manual and training guide book and other components.


n  Features

l  comfort system/instrument system including many parts and intact,
fully shows lamp/instrument system structure and the working principle.

l  control the instrument various switches, sensor, simulate working
process of the instrument signal source, teaching easliy.

l  the training board equiped colorful schematic diagram and terminals
of instrument system, use dedicated meter measure the signal parameter
of various elements, like pressure, resistor, frequency and etc.

l  Mobile device with locking casters, move freely, to facilitate teaching.



n  Training content

l  lamp/instrument system structure and working principle training;

l  lamp/instrument system door and window simulation training;

l  lamp/instrument system door, window assembled positon training;

l  lamp/instrument system element voltage, resistor, signal measurement

l  lamp/instrument system schematic analysis project training;

l  lamp/instrument system fault diagnosis and eliminate training;

l  lamp/instrument system operate actually and theory examination training.


n  Technique feature

l  type: VW Sagitar (customer-made)

l  working power: DC12V

l  input power: AC220V  50HZ(single phase)

l  Dimensions: 1500 × 820 × 1850mm

l  the bracket weld by GB high quality material, powder coating

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