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Sand Gauge chart

Product Name: Sand Gauge chart
Product Code: NMT0330

Sand Gauge chart Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Sand Gauge chart Use: A unique chart for uniform classification of sands.


·  To classify soils to BS 1377:2, ENV 1997-2, ASTM D4318, AASHTO T89


·  Nine granule patches firmly attached to the handy water-resistant plastic card defining roundness and size of particles from 2mm very coarse sand to 1/16mm silt.

·  A checklist defining bed thickness.

·  Flip side of chart with tables of geologic age and carbonate classification information.

·  Sample Panels. Very coarse; coarse; medium; fine; very fine; silt.

·  Particle Shape Panels. Angular; sub-angular; sub-rounded and rounded.

Chart Size. 83 x 102 mm (3-1/4" w. x 4" h.). Weight. Net 28 g (1 oz.).

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