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Drainage and Seepage Tank

Product Name: Drainage and Seepage Tank
Product Code: Hydraulic0022

Drainage and Seepage Tank Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Drainage and Seepage Tank A self-contained facility for study of flow through permeable media..

The tank has a toughened glass front and aluminium back to permit the insertion of pressure tappings as required. Six tapping points are provided.

The design of the side supports allows free access to the interior with minimum sight obstruction. Supply includes sump tank, pump, starter and control valve. Also a dye injection system and a selection of models. Comprehensive instruction manual with data sheets and student experiments. Working section 1500mm x 100mm x 600mm The bed of the tank is made from painted mild steel. The sides of the tank are supported and sealed by a well proven method which allows free access to the interior and results in minimum sight obstruction.

One side is of toughened glass to give good scratch-free visibility over a long period of use while the other is made of aluminium which permits the insertion of pressure tapping points as required. The ends of the tank are made of steel plate. Adjustable overflows are provided close to each end of the tank so that constant water levels may be maintained in each half of the tank.

These may be lowered to a position close to the bed of the tank for some experiments to provide sub-soil drainage. The equipment is self-contained, requiring only an initial fill with cold water and connection to the electricity supply. The sump tank can be emptied to a laboratory drain

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