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Glass Sided Tilting Flume

Product Name: Glass Sided Tilting Flume
Product Code: Hydraulic0023

Glass Sided Tilting Flume Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Glass Sided Tilting Flume If the requirement is for a flume suitable both for teaching and project/research work then the very popular has to be the flume of choice, offering high levels of dimensional accuracy, a wide selection of models & accessories and formatting in various configurations..

A glass sided tilting flume with fabricated all stainless steel bed. A working cross-section of 300mm wide by 450mm deep and available in standard working lengths of 5m, 7.5m, 10m, and 15m. Longer lengths are available to special order in increments of 2.5m. Completely self-contained and comprising the working section, moulded inlet and discharge tanks, a series of sump tanks, a pump, an electronic flow meter, a jacking system and a control console. The channel section is fully glazed with large clear panels of toughened glass. This is coupled with careful design of the side support profiles to provide excellent visibility and allow flow visualisation of the full working height of the flume.

The glass panels are sealed using a rubber U section compressed by an aluminium alloy clamping strip. The flume bed is manufactured to high tolerances and designed with an integral web support frame to give the flume a high degree of rigidity and stability. Rigid dowelled joints are used to connect the sections. The overall strength and rigidity of the design allows excellent stability figures to be achieved and eliminates the need to provide adjusting screws or to perform periodic setting up of the flume to maintain its specification. No under frame or support structure other than jacks is necessary Width: 300 mm Depth: 450 mm Length: As ordered (multiples of 2.5m) Note: overall length is 3.25m longer than the working section defined Walls:

Toughened glass Bed: Exclusively fabricated from stainless steel End tanks: GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Sump tanks and pipework: PVC (Polyvinylchloride) and PE (polyethylene) Pump: Close coupled centrifugal Flow regulation valve:

Hand wheel operated butterfly +ve slope: 1:40 max (1.4) -ve slope: 1:200 max (0.28) Flow meter: Electro-magnetic Maximum flow rate 30 Litres/sec Bed stability: <1.0mm (typical) at 400mm water depth Side wall stability: <0.5mm (typical) at 400mm water depth

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