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Portable Liquid Column Manometers

Product Name: Portable Liquid Column Manometers
Product Code: Hydraulic0032

Portable Liquid Column Manometers Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Portable Liquid Column Manometers Recommended range of use +5 to 30 C. Possible range of use 30 to 60 C. Maximum static pressure 14 bars..

Manometer body : 20 mm thick PVC Liquid column tube 4 x 10 mm in Altuglas for mercury. tube 6 x 10 mm for VF1. Graduated slide strip : transparent Altuglas.

Cross-section 54 x 3 mm. Zero adjustment by moving the graduated slide strip, travel 20 mm. Fixed in place via milled, nickel-plated brass screw.

Connection 5 × 8 mm semi-rigid crystal tube on 6.2 Delrin ribbed connectors with M 7 x 100 thread. Wall mounting via two 5 mm screws

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