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Servo Brake And Drive System

Product Name: Servo Brake And Drive System
Product Code: NLE-MechatronicsLab-187011

Servo Brake And Drive System Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Servo Brake And Drive System.
Features :
Self-contained teaching unit for comprehensive study of Operation & Performance characteristics of AC Motor under variable operating conditions. All components used in trainer are standard components used in industrial applications. Power supply from AC mains, three phase or single phase as requested. Speed & Torque measurement using electronic sensors. Demonstration of different control modes possible. Extensive protection and safety provisions.

Description :
The servo brake & drive system trainer is designed for study characteristics of different motors using Servo Brake Drive for absorbing power. The trainer consists servo brake unit controlled by a servo drive. The motor under test (supplied separately) can be connected to the servo brake for absorbing the power of the motor. Thus motor & drive performance at different load & speed settings can be studied. Measuring instruments are provided to measure Voltage, Current, Power & Speed of the motor. Motor characteristic curves for the motor can be determined at different operating settings.Accessories are included for introduction of faults in to the system so that fault diagnosis can be carried out by the students. Switches mounted on the panel can be used for motor control & selection of mode of operations.The trainer is powered by electrical mains supply available in laboratory.The setup is mount on rigid aluminium frame & panel has mimic diagrams for the circuits. Tapping points are provided for making electrical connections with measuring instruments & accessories using measurement cables. Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Specification :
• This system supports:

An automatic recording of machine characteristic curves,
Parameterization of a static load and the simulation of load models for the examination of drives under realistic conditions.
Different load models: Inert load, Pump/fan, Hoist drive, Calendar, Winder drive, Lathe, Traversing drive
Transparent shaft cover
Coupling sleeve
Drive software
USB connecting cable

• Expected training outcome:

DC drives
AC drives
Three-phase drives
Special purpose machines
Actuation with contact
Frequency converters
Communication technology

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