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Sigma Mixer

Product Name: Sigma Mixer
Product Code: NLE-Export-031045

Sigma Mixer Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Sigma Mixer.

Sigma Mixer The universal mixing and kneading machine consists of two counter-rotating blades in a rectangular trough curved at bottom to form two longitudinal half cylinders and a saddle section. The blades are driven by gearing at either or both ends. The mixing action is a combination of bulk movement, smearing, stretching, folding, dividing and recombining as the material is pulled and squeezed against blades, saddle and sidewalls. The blades are pitched to achieve end-to-end circulation. Rotation is usually such that material is drawn down over the saddle. The blades are tangential and run at different speeds, with the advantages of faster mixing from constant change of relative position. The blade design most widely used is the sigma blade. The sigma blade mixer is capable of starting and operating with either liquids or solids or a combination of both. The sigma blade has good mixing action, readily discharges materials that do not stick to the blades, and is relatively easy to clean when sticky material are being processed. The drive is given through an electric motor coupled to a reduction gearbox. The whole assembly is fitted on rigid MS structure. The tilting mechanism is provided for discharge of product. Experimentation: To study the working of Sigma mixer. Utilities Required : Material for Feed. Electric Supply : Single phase, 220 V AC, 1 kW. Floor Area 1 m x 1 m. Technical Details : Mixing Trough : Material Stainless Steel, Double U shaped.  Capacity 7 – 8 kg (approx.) Sigma Blades : Material Stainless Steel, 2 Nos. moving in opposite direction. Drive : 1 HP motor coupled to Reduction Gear Box. Tilting arrangement : Using worm & gear Provided so as to tilt the container from 0-110 Degree even in running condition. Control Panel Comprises : Standard make On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc. Instruction Manual : An ENGLISH instruction manual will be provided along with the Apparatus A good quality painted rigid MS Structure is provided to support all the parts.

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