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Solar Thermal Energy Trainer Module

Product Name: Solar Thermal Energy Trainer Module
Product Code: NTE-17-0016

Solar Thermal Energy Trainer Module Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Solar Thermal Energy Trainer Module.
1.10    Technical Description of the Trainer System
The Solar Thermal Energy trainer system must include the following descriptions or functions:
•    study a variety of angles of incidence and different illuminance
•    Should be fitted with sensors to detect the relevant temperatures (collector inlet, collector outlet, ambient air and tank) and the illuminance.
•    Illustrate design and operation of a simple model of solar thermal system
•    Enable to determine different operational parameters such as the net power , energy balance on the solar collector , influence of illuminance, angle of incidence and flow rate, system efficiency curves  and influence of various absorbing surfaces
•    Contains components such as lighting unit with 25 halogen bulbs, spacing and tilt adjustable collector, 2 replaceable absorbers with different coating, solar circuit with pump and variable flow, hot water tank with tube coil as heat exchanger and electrical auxiliary heater, sensors detect temperature and illuminance, software for collecting data via USB.
1.11    Technical Specification of Trainer
The trainer must include the following technical specifications:
•    Flat collector: absorbing surface: 320x330mm, tilt angle: 0...60°
•    Lighting unit : lamp field: 25x 50W
•    Pump: - adjustable flow: 0...24L/h
•    Measuring ranges: temperature: 4x0...100°C, flow: 0...30L/h, illuminance: 0...3kW/m²
•    Dimensions and Weight: LxWxH: approx. 1.840x800x1.500mm
•    Weight: approx. 167kg
•    Required for Operation: 230V, 50Hz, 1 Phase
•    Scope of Delivery:
    1 trainer
    1 measuring beaker
    1 absorber
    1 CD  software + USB cable
    1 set of instructional material
1.12    Figurative description of the Trainer System
An equivalent resemblance of the solar thermal energy Trainer system is indicated in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Equivalent figurative description of the solar thermal energy trainer

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