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Solid Liquid Extraction Unit

Product Name: Solid Liquid Extraction Unit
Product Code: Chemical Equipments0012

Solid Liquid Extraction Unit Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Solid Liquid Extraction Unit.

Solid Liquid Extraction Unit Contaminants may be present sorbed in the solid particles of the soil. Solid-liquid extraction allows these contaminants to be removed from the soil.

Depending on the contaminant and the type of soil, a suitable solvent needs to be selected for this process. One field of application for example, is the separation of organic contaminants that are present sorbed in fine solid particles. Solid-liquid extraction may take place after these fine particles have been separated by a hydrocyclone in the ex-situ treatment of contaminated soil. The fundamental principle of solid-liquid extraction can be learned with the CE 630. The temperature of the solvent can be adjusted. Thus, it is possible to investigate the effect of this parameter on the separation process. The principle of counter current in solid-liquid extraction: 1 Extract outlet, 2 Extraction residue, 3 Extractant inflow, 4 Extraction material inflow, A Path of the extract, B Path of the extraction material

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