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Steam jet refrigeration system

Product Name: Steam jet refrigeration system
Product Code: MAE-LAB-0100

Steam jet refrigeration system Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Steam jet refrigeration system.
•    The Steam Jet Refrigeration System utilizes a steam ejector/eductor to create vacuum in the evaporative glass container.
•    Water is chosen to be the refrigerant or cooling media just like in real application, a larger system uses water steam as the motive gas to create suction in evaporator chamber.
•    The trainer uses an electric boiler system to create the steam required to operate the eductor.
•    The pressure of the steam Generator Tank is controlled by pressure control circuit and can be varied by changing the pressure limit on the pressure controller.
•    The effect of changing motive gas pressure to eductor performance can be seen
•    Inlet, Suction and Outlet of the eductor ports are connected to pressure gauges to monitor the pressure of each port. A needle valve also provided to do variation on the suction volume which will influence the time required to get such value of cooling effect. An electric heater is put inside the evaporator to supply heat to the cooling media.
               Pressure and temperature of various points can be monitored and analyzed to get the   conclusion.

•    The trainer comes complete with the simulated components and other parts as commonly used in Steam Jet Refrigeration System.
•    The trainer also completed with instrument and control panel for easy control and observe the Steam Jet Refrigeration System.
•    The trainer consist of:
-    Piping System which includes Visible Condenser Chamber; Visible Evaporator Chamber; Steam Generator tank; Steam Jet Eductor; Water Flow meter for water entering condenser; Pressure Relieve Valves for Steam Generator Tank and Evaporator; Manual Valves for main system, water supply for evaporator, and Pressure balancer; Solenoid Valve in main system for keep maintain the pressure entering jet steam eductor automatically; Water Supply Valve for water entering condenser and water supply for Steam Generator Tank; Needle Valve; High Pressure Control; Low Pressure Control; Pressure Gauges at Steam Generator Tank, Outlet Steam Jet Eductor, Glass tube Evaporator and Glass Tube Condenser; and Check Valves.
-    Instrument and Control Panel which includes Single Phase MCB; Power Supply Indicator Lamp; Load Heater Voltmeter; Load Heater Ammeter; Steam Generator Heater Wattmeter; Temperature Display and Selector Switch; Main power Switch; Steam Generator Heater Switch; Load Heater Switch; Pump Switch for External Water pump(water pump do not included); and Control Panel for Variable Load Control.
-    Electrical Components which includes Heating Thermostat, Float switch, Immersion Heater 500 watts as load heater, Immersions heater 1000 watts as Steam Generator Heater.
-    Wiring Diagram.
-    Piping Diagram.
                      Saturated Value for R-718 (H2O) or Water
                      Supplied complete with training manual with exercises.

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