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Surface Dust Chip Remover

Product Name: Surface Dust Chip Remover
Product Code: NE4901

Surface Dust Chip Remover Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Surface Dust Chip Remover.
1、Automatically eliminate the dust remaining because of sanding to improve the quality of  coating.  2、 The machine claims for the high rate of clearing the dust .due to the specially designed  dust accumulation cap ,the strong power air feeder ,it can accumulate all the dust caused by  dull polishing into the machine.  3、It is inverter‐driven variable speed controlled ,which enable it to adjust the speed  according to different work pieces.     Double nylon brushes equipped with suction fan    Stainless steel dust hood outlet with reduced airflow resistance.   Imported anti-skid conveyor belt to increase the friction of floor, effectively prevent the abnormal operation of floor due to the skid on conveyor belt.   Working width:1300mm   Work piece thickness:3 & 4;100mm   Feeding speed:Max23m/min   Working height:900±20mm   The length of conveyor belt:6150×1330-3mm   Total motor power:4kw   Feeding motor:1.5kw   Brush motor: 1.5kw   Blow dust motor:0.25kw(4PCS)   Work-piece length:Min350mm Overall dimensions:3070×1900×1400mm

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