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Table top supply unit

Product Name: Table top supply unit
Product Code: ECE-LAB-0106

Table top supply unit Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Table top supply unit.
Metal cabinet built in sheet steel, treated chemically and
finished with epoxy paint. Silk screen-printed panel.
Electrical characteristics
1 Three-phase line 400 V (or 230 V) + neuter and ground – 10 A;
high sensitivity T.M.C.B. with key-operated electromagnetic
protection, emergency pushbutton, line pilot lamp, safety
terminals for cables with 4-mm pins, 2 universal single-phase
sockets and power supply cable with three-phase plug.
Dimensions and weight
400x160x405 mm – 5 kg
Supplied accessories
1 Three-phase power supply cable with socket and plug
3x400 V / N / PE – 50-60 Hz
(3x220V/ N / PE or other voltages upon request)
Max. absorption: 6 Kva

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