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Continuous Flow Reactors

Continuous Flow Reactors
We are Continuous Flow Reactors exporters, Continuous Flow Reactors manufacturers from India. Our training products are labeled as best in class for vocational training lab and are widely used in Continuous Flow Reactors research lab, colleges, schools, universities, institutes and TVET training lab.

Continuous Flow Microreactors

Continuous Flow Microreactors Designed to offer excellent mixing and heat transfer for carrying out fast and exothermic reactions on continuous basis in microchannels Pressures upto 50 bar Flow rate upto 20 l/hr per plate Modular design to connect upto 10 plates in series or parallel Reduced waste and faster transfer of process from laboratory to pilot/commercial scale manufacturing Advantages of continuous flow reactors over batch reactors Better mixing and very high heat transfer area per unit volume Faster reactions and better selectivity Higher yield. High safety and ideal for exothermic reactions. Reduced waste and faster transfer of process from laboratory to pilot/commercial scale manufacturing Easily scalable Applications:is ideal for carrying out a wide range of chemical reactions in the field of pharmaceuticals, fine and specialty chemicals in a continuous manner. Suitable for Homogeneous reactions: Neutralization, condensation, dehydration, photochemical reactions etc. Multiphase Reactions: Gas-liquid reactions (G-L): oxidation, ozonolysis, chlorination, etc. Liquid-liquid reactions (L-L): nitration, transfer hydrogenation, sulfoxidation, amination etc. G-L-S and L-S catalytic reactions: esterification, hydrogenation, condensation, etc....

Product Code: Continuous0001 - (Continuous Flow Microreactors)


Continuous Flow Glass Microreactors

Continuous Flow Glass Microreactors Available in integrated multilayer glass construction for mixing, reaction and heat transfer Micro channel with modular system to connect multiple reactors in series or parallel Pressures up to 100 bar and tempratures up to 400°C Flow rates up to 500ml/min Channel size: 5 µm – 15 mm Suitable for various liquid-liquid, gas-liquid homogeneous and multi phase reactions Microreactors from glass, quartz, silicon and glass-silicon compounds....

Product Code: Continuous0002 - (Continuous Flow Glass Microreactors)


Fixed Bed Reactors

Fixed Bed Reactors Multi-phase reactor systems are widely used in fine chemicals, oil and gas, petrochemical refineries,pharmaceutical, pesticides and in research centers. With the evolving needs of the industry for enhanced productivity and lower cost of production; offers these reactor systems in batch and continuous manner for various applications with system integration and automation which maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of research and production operations. This equipment is used for various application such as Catalyst testing, oxidation, reforming, hydrogenation, Liquefaction, fischer, Tropsch process, hydro-cracking, carboxylation etc Process Plant Sizes Lab Scale to Pilot and Mini. Pressures upto 150 bar and temperatures upto 1200°C Available in different Material of Constructions (MOC) like Stainless Steel, Inconel, Hastelloy B/C, Corrosion Resistant Alloys and others. Semi or fully automated system with SCADA set for data acquisition and remote control of all parameters. Applications: Fixed Bed Reaction Unit Fluidized Bed Reaction Unit Catalyst Testing Oxidation Hydrogenation Liquefaction And Others....

Product Code: Continuous0003 - (Fixed Bed Reactors)