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Product Code: NMT0135

TEMPERATURE TRANSDUCER AND CONTROL Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

TEMPERATURE TRANSDUCER AND CONTROL Conditioner for PTC transducer with linearization of the characteristics; Conditioner for thermocouple type J with cold joint compensation; Set-point voltage generator with integrated stabilizer; 1 Rotary potentiometer to set the temperature Set-point; Error amplifier, etc.

• 1 Power amplifier, with TRIAC phase partialization, powered at low voltage, to power the heating element; Heating elements consisting in resistors (24 Vac, 100 W)
• Characteristics of the transducers and conditioners: - Input temperature range: Tamb-250° C, Output voltage range: 0 – 8 V;  1 Digital thermometer with temperature indication on 7-segment and 3-digit display or LCD display; PID controller with P, I, D independent actions; Rotary potentiometers to independently set the P and D parameters, with wide regulation margins; 2 TRIAC amplifier output terminals to power the heating element in the external unit; 2 Power amplifier output terminals for control of the cooling fan in the external unit; 8-pole DIN cable socket for connection to the external unit; 8-pole DIN connection cables

• DIM.: 386x372x40 mm;

• Power Supply: ± 12 Vdc / 0.5a; 24 Vac / 4a;

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