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Test Sieves

Product Name: Test Sieves
Product Code: NLE-Export-031067

Test Sieves Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Test Sieves.

Test Sieves These Test Sieves are manufactured using brass and stainless steel and G.I. frames along with a precise mesh of stainless steel and phosphor bronze. These Test Sieves frames are fabricated using brass without any joint and highly suitable for laboratories and in-house usage. Moreover, these Test Sieves have a smooth and rigid design along with least weight. Apart from this, these Test Sieves are free from sharp edges where material can get lodged. Owing to the uniform manufacturing, these Test Sieves facilitate convenient nesting on each other as well as on lids and receivers. These Test Sieves are taut,flat and uniformly designed with a permanent tension around the entire circumference

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