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Traffic Light Control Unit

Product Name: Traffic Light Control Unit
Product Code: NLE-MechatronicsLab-187015

Traffic Light Control Unit Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Traffic Light Control Unit.
Features :
 Simulation of Traffic Signal Control using PLC Extension module for use with PLC Training Rack

Description :
The Traffic Light Control Unit is designed for demonstration of traffic signal control using PLC. The kit is extension of PLC Training rack & can be interfaced with PLC through the BS4 connectors that are available on control unit as well as PLC Training Rack using patch cords. The kit consists of schematic of a road junction with automobile & pedestrian traffic lights. Fault training facility is available with the kit.Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Specification :

• Can be plugged into the CPU 314C-2PN/DP PLC training rack
• Automobile and pedestrian traffic lights with N-S and E-W traffic control.
• Flow management with proximity detectors
• Traffic light synchronization
• Fault-simulation capability

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