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Trainer For Electro-Pneumatic Actuators

Product Name: Trainer For Electro-Pneumatic Actuators
Product Code: ECE-LAB-0030

Trainer For Electro-Pneumatic Actuators Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Trainer For Electro-Pneumatic Actuators.
• Boolean functions
• Manual controls
• Semiautomatic and automatic controls
• Emergency controls
• Sequential cycles
• Development of sequential cycles of different complexity with
PLC which can be connected to the Personal Computer
Electropneumatic units:
• Rodless double-acting cylinder controlled by 2 3/2 single
solenoid valves, including direct reflection photoelectric
position transducer with analog output
• Oscillating pneumatic motor with a 5/2 double-solenoid valve
and 2 electrical limit switches with pressure drop
• Bidirectional DC electrical motor with optoelectronic transducer
• Single-acting cylinder including 3/2 single-solenoid valve,
capacitive and magnetic limit switches
• Double-acting rod cylinder including 5/3 closed-center doublesolenoid
valve and 4 limit switches: electromechanical,
proximity, inductive, optical reflection type, light barrier fiber
• Electrical control board with pushbuttons and relays
• Electrical cables of different length

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