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Trommel (Variable Speed)

Product Name: Trommel (Variable Speed)
Product Code: NLE-Export-031056

Trommel (Variable Speed) Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Trommel (Variable Speed).

Trommel (Variable Speed) Trommel or revolving screens consists of a cylindrical screen rotated about its axis. Simple Trommel may be arranged in series with oversize of the first passing to the second Trommel and the oversize of the second passing to the third, etc. They are quite efficient for coarse sizes. The inclination of Trommel varies depending on the nature of material to be processed. The present Trommel is built with screens of different sizes throughout their length, the feed entering at the end of the finest screen. In this way it is possible to collect materials of different size range from a single Trommel. Drive to the central shaft is given through a variable speed motor coupled to reduction gearbox. Drive is provided for conducting the experiment at varying speed. Set-up is complete in all respect with guards, bins and control panel. A special arrangement to change the angle of inclination of the Trommel is made Experimentation: Demonstration of Trommel. To study the effect of changing the angle of inclination and RPM Utilities Required : Raw Material for Feed. Electric Supply : Single phase, 220 V AC, 0.5 kW. Floor Area 2 m x 1 m. Weighing Balance. Technical Details : Trommel : Dia. 200-mm, Length 1000-mm (approx.) Sieves : 3 different mesh size. Drive for Trommel : Variable Speed Motor and Drive speed coupled with reduction gear box. Feed Hopper : Compatible Capacity. Collecting bins : 4 Nos. of suitable capacity. Special arrangement for changing the angle of inclination. Control panel Comprises of:   RPM Measurement : Digital RPM Indicator, Non Contact type with Proximity sensor. Standard make On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc. Instruction Manual : An ENGLISH instruction manual will be provided along with the Apparatus A good quality painted rigid MS Structure is provided to support all the parts

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