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Product Name: VACUUM PUMP
Product Code: NULK2- -0166

VACUUM PUMP Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

VACUUM PUMP Manufacturers, Suppliers and Lab Equipments Exporters from India.

Non-Corrosive Duty
• Degassing
• Cell harvesting
• Centrifuge
• Filtration
• Aspiration
• Drying

Dry Pumps provide a steady vacuum, unaffected by opening another faucet (water aspirators) or stopcock (house vacuum). There is no contaminated waste water to contend with and no oil maintenance required. Pumps meet or exceed the performance of water aspirators and house vacuum. Applications include vacuum filtration, rotary evaporation, aspiration, degassing and desiccating.

STANDARD DUTY PUMPS, constructed of aluminum and powered by an economical WOB-L® piston with Teflon® seal, should only be used to draw air or water vapor. Supplied with vacuum/pressure regulators and guages, water trap and muffler.



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