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Vapor compression refrigeration cycle

Product Name: Vapor compression refrigeration cycle
Product Code: NEX091

Vapor compression refrigeration cycle Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Vapor compression refrigeration cycle.
Vapor compression refrigeration cycle Temperature display with measuring point display, power meter, manometer in refrigerant cycle, flow meter for hot water, cold water and refrigerant circuit Adjustable safety valve Hermetic piston compressor - power consumption: 1043 refrigerating capacity: 1909W at 0/32°C Evaporator capacity: approx. 2.8L Condenser capacity: approx. 2.8L Measuring ranges - temperature: -20...200°C - pressure: -1...1.5bar - flow rate (water): 60...820cm3/min flow rate (refrigerant): 100...750L/h- power: (h.JGkW, CAD/CAM LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS, educational cnc milling machines manufacturers, educational cnc LATHE machines manufacturers, Strength of Material Testing equipment supplier, mechanical engineering laboratory equipments suppliers, soil, bitumen, concrete testing, civil engineering laboratory equipments suppliers

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