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Vehicle anatomy training platform (with body)

Product Name: Vehicle anatomy training platform (with body)
Product Code: AETS-0009

Vehicle anatomy training platform (with body) Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Vehicle anatomy training platform (with body) Automotive Training Equipment Manufacturer, Automotive Education Equipment, Automotive Training Tools.
n  Equipment confiruration

The entire car(including engine,chasis body ,electric equipment).The
entire car operation and training guide book,auto repair book.

Function characteristic

The body is the mainly and including all the auto system .It is
suitable body and chasis tea teaching.    

l  Fully show the front and rear plate,front mud plate,engine housing
,front balance plate,instrument plate .

l  anatomy the important car system.show the important spare parts and
the component.(including engine,transmission ,rear bridge,body,air
condition system,cooling system,,suspension system.

l  the engine and other spare parts all can be anatomied


n  Training item

l  car system coposition and work pricipal training

l  auto entire fault test training

l  the verhicle vocational education grade exam training project.


n  Technology parameter

l  all the car body is dealed by high grade paint,very duarable.

l  All the position adopt different colour very resonable, adopting
different color paiting and convenient to teach.

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