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Vicat apparatus

Product Name: Vicat apparatus
Product Code: NMT0456

Vicat apparatus Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

·  Vicat apparatus Use: Consistency of cement and 'A' Class limes, Setting times of cement and 'A' Class limes, False set of cement and 'A' Class limes.


·  EN 196-3; ASTM C187, C191; AASHTO T129, T131; NF P15-414


·  Reversible plunger: 10 mm diam. at one end and 1 mm diam. needle at other end; combined weight 300 grams.

·  Steel needle mounted in plunger; 1 mm diam. x 50 mm long.

·  Graduated scale in millimeters.

·  Mold: Hard rubber; 70 mm base diam. x 60 mm top diam. x 40 mm h.

Net Weight: 1.8 kg. (4 lbs).

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