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Volu vessel Device

Product Name: Volu vessel Device
Product Code: NMT0353

Volu vessel Device Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Volu vessel Device Use: Used to determine the in-place density of compacted or firmly-bonded soils.


 ASTM D2167; AASHTO T205 specifications


·  Graduated Cylinder. Heavy-duty plastic; dual graduated.

·  Balloons.                   Resilient latex.

·  Guard.                                   Aluminium with integral carrying handle.

·  Guard Base.              Aluminium; with fittings, outlets, valves and vent                               tube for balloon and actuator bulb.

·  Actuator Bulb.                      Double acting type for pressure or vacuum; fitted with                                   adapter, quick coupler and valve assembly.

·  Density Plate.                        Aluminium with flanged sides; 229x229 x 19 mm).

·  Operating Liquid.      Water.

·  Weight.                     Net 5.4 kg (12 lbs.).

Accessories (same standards as above)

·  Balloons in packs of ten. Aqua-Check for moisture determinations

In-Place Density Accessory Kit.

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