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Vortex Flow meter

Product Name: Vortex Flow meter
Product Code: NED010

Vortex Flow meter Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Vortex Flow meter.
Vortex Flow meter [1] Experimental set-up for the comparison of various continuous and intermittent flow meters [2] lxwxh 850x640x1150mm, 25kg [3] Vortex flow meter with flow oscillating back and forth, made visible with ink [4] Measuring tank with stop watch and digital scales for intermittent flow rate measurement (gravimetric and volumetric) [5] Variable area flow meter (rota meter)   [6] 220V, 50Hz. 1 phase, CAD/CAM LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS, educational cnc milling machines manufacturers, educational cnc LATHE machines manufacturers, Strength of Material Testing equipment supplier, mechanical engineering laboratory equipments suppliers, soil, bitumen, concrete testing, civil engineering laboratory equipments suppliers 

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