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Water to air heat pump

Product Name: Water to air heat pump
Product Code: NLE-Export-202006

Water to air heat pump Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Water to air heat pump.
Water to air heat pump The Basic Module Water Pumps is part of an equipment series that facilitates the investigation of a wide range of engines and machines. Different water pumps can be operated on the basic module and investigated in respect of their characteristic behaviour. The pumps are installed in the experimental set-up using flexible hoses with rapid action couplings. The flow rate is set on a ball-cock and acquired with a magneto-inductive flowmeter. The sensors for intake and delivery pressure are fitted to the pumps to be investigated. All sensors are connected to the measuring unit that is part of the basic module. The measured values recorded are displayed on digital displays on this block. The drive motor for the pump drive is fitted to the Universal Drive and Brake Unit.

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