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Wind Turbine Nacelle Training Model

Product Name: Wind Turbine Nacelle Training Model
Product Code: NTE-17-0049

Wind Turbine Nacelle Training Model Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Wind Turbine Nacelle Training Model.

1.1               Technical Description of the model

The Nacelle Training System includes:

        Fully operational yaw system

        Complete drive train with gearbox, main shaft, speedsensors, disk brake, and generator

        Electrical panel with frequency drives, breakers, and power supplies

        Weather sensors to monitor wind speed and direction

        Industrial computer with touch-screen interface, using software programmable logic controller and remote inputs and outputs, which control the whole system

        Emergency buttons and protective guards with limit switches for safe operation

The Wind Turbine Nacelle Training System model shall contain the following components:

        Mobile Workstation

        Yaw System

        Drive Train (Low Speed)

        Drive Train (High Speed)

        Electrical Schematics

        Hydraulic Unit

        Weather Sensors

        Electrical Panel



        Grid-Tie Connection

1.2               Technical Specification of the Model

The model must include the following technical specifications:

Component Name


Nacelle Training system Model

220V – 50 Hz

Power requirement:

220V – 6A

Physical characteristics

Dimensions (H x W x D)

1.7 x 1.8 x 0.8 m

Shipping Weight (crated)

Approx. 576 Kg

Yaw system

Slewing bearing

520 mm (20.5 in.) steel, external teeth

Gear motor

124 W (1/6 HP), 28 rpm

Hydraulic brake

Single-Acting, hydraulically-applied

Drive Train (low speed side

Gear Motor

560 W (3/4 HP), 50 rpm

Main Shaft size (L x D)

610 x 45 mm (24 x 1.8 in)

Speed sensor

Inductive proximity switch

Vibration Sensor

4-20 mA feedback

Qty. of pillow blocks


Gear box




Lexan window on the side, magnetic plug, breather, sight-glass plug, shrink-disc connection


1.3 l (0.34 gal) – Synthetic oil CLP ISO PAO VG220

Drive Train (high speed side


Torsion-proof multi-disc coupling

Braking disc diameter

254 mm (10 in.)

Hydraulic brake

Spring-applied, hydraulically released

Induction Generator

Nominal rating

187 W (1/4 HP), 380 V – 0.8 A

Number of poles


Electrical panel


Contactors, breakers, fuses, power supplies (24 Vdc and 5 Vdc), variable frequency drives, remote inputs/outputs, disconnect switch, emergency button

Remote input/outputs types

24 Vdc digital inputs, relay outputs, 4-20 mA analog inputs, 0-10V analog inputs, high-speed counters, 0-10 V analog outputs, thermocouple inputs

Hydraulic Units

Operating pressure

57 to 64 bar (825 to 925 psi)


3.8 l (1 gal)

Oil type

ISO32 or AW32


Accumulator, filter, manual one-way hand pump, check valve, adjustable relief valves, adjustable pressure switch, pressure transmitters, two pressure gauges (which can be connected at different points in the unit)

Weather sensors

Weather Sensors Anemometer (pulse signal) and wind vane (0-5 Vdc signal)



SIEMENS IPC477C Pro with touch-screen interface

Operating System

Windows 7 (advanced window) Embedded

Software PLC

Software PLC SIEMENS Win AC RTX 2009

HMI software

SIEMENS Win CC Flexible RT512


No PLC programming or HMI development to do by the end-user

Communication protocols


Programming and HMI features

– Monitoring and control of each section of the  nacelle

– Alarms management

– Service and troubleshooting

– Historical trends of several operation values

– Fault insertion through the HMI

– Automatic/manual operation

– wind simulation pattern configuration

Included accessories

Padlock and Danger Tags, Oil Accessories (Pan, Tubing, Measuring Cup, etc.), Coupling Alignment Tool, Grease Gun and Tube, Torque Wrench, Standard Wrenches, Allen Keys, Shims

Nacelle Training system with Grid-Tie connection (above specification apply to this model)

220V – 50 Hz


Nominal power returned

To be defined by the bidder

Connection power requirement

To be defined by the bidder


Circuit breaker

Soft starter

Soft starter Includes Overload Relay and Phase Sequence Monitoring

Power meter

SIEMENS SENTRON PAC3200 which allows monitoring of voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor (and more) on each phase or overall


Two sets of two capacitors to compensate reactive power consumed by the generator (Each set compensate half of the total reactive power)


1.3               Figurative description of the Model

An equivalent resemblance of the model is indicated in Figure 20 to figure 25.


Figure 20: Equivalent figurative description of the model

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