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Basic Electrical Trainer

Product Name: Basic Electrical Trainer
Product Code: NTE-11-12-0047

Basic Electrical Trainer Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Basic Electrical Trainer.
Experiment set up consist of the following
    Magnetism and how to make a magnet:
    Oscilloscope 20mhz , dual channel
    Laboratory Instruments: AC Waveform Generator 1MHZ with digital frequency counter
    AC Amplitude Measurements: Digital multimter , analog multimeter
    Measuring AC Voltage, Current and Impedance
    Measuring and Setting Frequency
    Inductors, Phase Angle, Series vs Parallel, Inductive Reactance and Impedance.
    Series and Parallel RL Circuits • Electromagnets, Solenoid, Relay
    Transformer Windings, Mutual Inductance, Turns and Voltage Ratios, Secondary Loading.
    Capacitors, Series vs Parallel, Capacitive Reactance:
    Series and Parallel RC Circuits:
    RC Time Constants
    RC, RL,LC Waveshapes
Electricity lab trainer
“Electricity Lab” is a versatile training kit for a laboratory. It is designed such that all the basic electrical circuits can be tested with the help of this trainer kit. The experiments given with training system develop mental starting from an introduction to the circuit, basic fundamentals and experiments on Ohm's Law, Magnetism, Relay, Power, Lenz's Law, Motors, Diode, Kirchoff's Law, R, L, C and many more. This simple training lab provides a strong foundation for future studies in electrical or electronics. This takes students from the basic of ohm's law, through simple series and parallel circuit analysis and into same elementary aspects of electronics where they will build circuits using capacitors and diodes. With this system a set of coils and cores are provided. These high quality coils (Labeled with number of turns) and laminated iron cores provides an effective introduction to electromagnetic theory.

01. Meters: 5 Nos.
1.1. AC Voltmeter : 15V
1.2. DC Voltmeter : 15V  
1.3. Galvanometer : ± 250uA
1.4. DC Ampere Meter : 0.6Amp
1.5. DC Ampere Meter : 5A
02. Power Supply:
2.1. Power Supplies : 3, 6, 12Vat 3.5A
2.2. Power SupplyAC : 30Vat1A
2.3. Power SupplyDC : 5Vat100mA
03. Switch SPDT
04. Switch DPDT
05. Push switch
06. Logic Switches Two No. Push type
07. Relay 12VDCOne change over
08. Buzzer/Electric Bell
09. Transformer Input 6-0-6V and Output 6-0-6V
10. Bulb6VThree Nos.
11. Resistance 1E2/1W, 5E/5W, 50E/5W,100E/5W, 220E/2W, 470E/2W, 1K/1W, 100K/1W
12. Capacitance 1000MFD/25VTwo Nos.
13. Diode IN4007Two Nos.
14. LED5mm
15. Thermocouple
16. Potentiometer 10K
17. Breadboard 840Tie Points
18. Fuse Holder open type
19. Electromagnetic Induction&Transformer
20. Main Supply 230VAC, 50 Hz

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