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Educational CNC Lab Milling Machine

Product Name: Educational CNC Lab Milling Machine
Product Code: NULK2- -0016

Educational CNC Lab Milling Machine Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Educational CNC Milling Machine Manufacturers.

LabEquipmentsManufacturersIndia is a leading educational CNC milling machine manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. We are supplying a wide range of CNC lab milling machine to government organizations, educational institutions, research centers etc at the very reasonable cost.

Our team of skilled and qualified professionals are dedicated to design and manufacture a high-quality educational CNC lab milling machine using quality raw material and advanced technology.

 Technical Spefications

Table Size:         800x360mm

T Slot:                                               3

Distance Between T-Slots:             100mm

T-Width:                                             18mm

Max. Load of Worktable:                300kg

Longitudinal Travel:                         600mm

Y Cross Travel:                                  360mm

Z Vertical Travel:                              500mm

Spindle Nose to Table Surface:    100-600mm

Spindle Axis to Column Surface:     420mm

Spindle Taper:                                 BT40

Speed Range:                                 40-6000 rpm

Spindle Motor Power:                   4kW

X/Y/Z Cutting Feed X/Y/X :         2.5-4000mm/min

X/Y/Z Rapid Feed X/Y/X :                12m/min

Tool Magazine Capacity:                16pieces

Max. Tool Diameter (Full):               130mm

Max. Tool Length:                             250mm

Max. Tool Weight:                            8kg

Tool Changing Time (Tip-to-Tip):  1.22s

Positioning Accuracy:                     +/- 0.015mm

Repeat Positioning Accuracy:      +/-0.0075mm

Air Pressure:                                    0.5Mpa


Control System Software and Hardware

ER Type Milling Chuck (Spare as Standard)



Adjusting Sizing Block


Operational Manual

CNC Rotary Table

CNC Universal Dividing Head

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