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Combined Convection and Radiation

Product Name: Combined Convection and Radiation
Product Code: Transfer Lab0004

Combined Convection and Radiation Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Combined Convection and Radiation.

Combined Convection and Radiation A small scale accessory that allows experimental investigation of both natural and forced convection from a heated cylinder in a cross-flow configuration.

The surface temperature of a duct mounted, 10mm diameter matt black cylinder may be varied over a wide range; thereby allowing the increasing effects of radiant heat transfer to be investigated as the temperature is increased. A variable velocity airflow within the small diameter circular duct allow the effects on convective heat transfer from the cylinder to be investigated over the range of 0 to approximately 8m/s. An integral thermocouple on the surface of the electrically heated cylinder allows surface temperature to be measured at all operating conditions. This combined with a duct-mounted thermocouple, heater input power measurement and in duct air velocity measurement allows all of the relevant parameters to be recorded

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