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Helical Coil Apparatus

Product Name: Helical Coil Apparatus
Product Code: Hydraulic Machine0006

Helical Coil Apparatus Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Helical Coil Apparatus.

Helical Coil Apparatus Helical coils are used for heating or cooling in process tanks. When a fluid flow through a curved tube, centrifugal force acting upon the various elements of fluid moving with different velocities causes secondary circulation

Secondary flow results in higher heat transfer characteristics. Further secondary flow stabilizes the laminar flow leading of a higher critical Reynolds number for transition from laminar to turbulent flow. Experiments To determine the critical Reynolds number of a fluid flowing through the coil. To determine the friction factor for flow of water through helical coil Utilities Required Electric supply 0.5 kW, 220V AC, Single Phase Water supply Tap water connection ” BSP Distilled water @ 60 liters (optional) Floor Area with Drain facility

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